Woody Wilson of Beverly Hills, CA. Custom Tailored Suits, Pants and Shirts

For centuries, men have relied on custom suit makers to dress them for the world. Custom suit tailors have been invaluable partners to discerning gentlemen for hundreds of years, and into today. In today’s modern world, you can grab a suit off the rack, but why would you when you can have a suit made to fit your custom measurement? When you can have a suit made that truly reflects you, and presents your best self to the world? A true men’s custom suit tailor can offer you endless fabric choices, the perfect fit and the ultimate in style. Whether you are looking for a two-piece suit or a three-piece suit, a custom tailor can craft a suit just for you.

One advantage of having a custom suit tailor design and create a suit for you is that no matter your height, size or shape, you will have a full selection of imported, luxury fabrics to choose from. Men who don’t quite always fit the mould of standard sizes can benefit greatly from having custom tailored suits made for them; and a well-made suit will last years with proper care.

The difference between a general custom suit tailor and a bespoke tailor is the bespoke process versus the made-to-order, or custom, suit process. These terms, though similar sounding, vary greatly. A custom suit tailor will customize a suit for you – but he will start with a suit that has been made to fit a standard base model or pattern. From there, he will take in where it’s needed, and let out fabric where it’s needed, within the confines of the original base cut and drape of the suit. His ability to customize may be limited by the style of type of suits available, as well as the fabrics available. Because he is starting with a premade base suit, the final product may never fit you “like a glove”, although it should certainly fit and compliment you well.

Bespoke tailoring goes beyond a standard men’s custom suit tailor, because a bespoke tailor and the bespoke process will start by crafting a paper (and later, plain fabric) pattern unique to you. No premade base pattern is used – your suit will be created entirely from scratch.

Men’s custom suit tailors will also generally rely on machines to do much of their work for them. Though they will measure clients by hand, the actual piecing together and finishing of suits will likely be done by machine, while bespoke tailoring is all done by hand, without the use of machines. In some men’s tailoring shops, you may never even meet the master suit tailor – you may be measured by a staff member, who then passes your measurements off to the tailor to complete the work.

When you’re having a custom suit made for you, don’t forget about your dress shirt, tie and accessories. You are not just buying “a suit”, you’re presenting yourself to the world, including prospective clients and others you want to make a good impression on. Don’t let that look be undone by a shirt that doesn’t fit properly, or a tie that isn’t fashionable.

Woody Wilson of Beverly Hills offers a wide array of fashionable and classic accessories for the discerning gentleman. From custom-made leather belts to bow-ties and luxury leather accessories like briefcases and traveling bags, we’ll outfit you in style from head to toe. We also have pocket squares, a full selection of ties as well as imported Italian leather shoes. Whether you are getting ready for your wedding day, or are just a man who likes to make a statement wherever you go, you’ll get you the look you desire, hand-sewn by master tailor Woody Wilson. Call us today to set up an appointment in our private showroom.