The Process for Creating Custom Tailored Designer Suit by Woody Wilson

You see, what we do for our client’s image can only be characterized as improving upon the best you.  

The Consultation

This is the point when you share your expectations and desired look. It is important to know how you want to be perceived in this fresh addition to your wardrobe. Included in this process is choosing the fabrics that are best for your skin tone, body shape and match the impact you desire. 

The Custom Measurements for your Bespoke Suit

Woody Wilson begins by measuring your body while asking a series of questions that assist with shaping your garments.  Once complete measurements are taken ,our tailors use these measurements to begin hand crafting your garments from scratch.  Imagine bespoke tailored suits, shirts, jackets, pants and anything you might wear fitting you perfectly.

Your Pattern

We make your individual pattern. This pattern is apart of the bespoke process and your next orders will not require the same process because one the client is happy with the fit of his or her garment, the pattern is kept on file and cataloged with your name. 


Now this is the fun part. Your clothier should ask as series of questions like: What styles do you like? Do you have photos of garments on your smart phone that you'd like to share? Did you see a particular style on ? Lets begin narrow down the thousands of choices based on the feedback you provide. Of course as the experts we will guide you along the way and if need be take the reigns and suggest the appropriate fabric for your professional or social purpose. 

The Selection 

All custom suit and custom shirt fabrics in our library have been carefully selected and tested in relation to performance, durability, and crease-resisting. We therefore guarantee complete satisfaction.

By this time 30 minutes have past and our relationship as your clothier begins to solidify.

If you believe that your clothing is no longer a functional necessity, but should reflect your personality taste, style and attention to detail, then The Woody Wilson Collection of Fine Custom Tailoring is for you.

We are here to assist you in with every detail resulting in the ultimate garment. 

Thank you for considering us.  Lets get started crafting your style.

Woody Wilson


Woody Wilson