Executive Fashion Design For Men

Many busy professional men, and others, can benefit greatly from the experience and expertise of the services of an executive fashion designer for men.

What is an Executive Fashion Designer for Men?

An executive fashion designer for men can mean a couple of different things: either someone skilled, experienced and knowledgeable about all the current men's fashion trends, including all items of appeal, all trim, patterns and appropriately paired accessories; or a fashion house or custom or bespoke tailor who specializes in executive fashion for men. The renowned bespoke tailor Woody Wilson and his expert staff on Wilshire Boulevard fulfill both definitions, and offer clients the ultimate in clothes buying, and designing luxury and comfort.

In the past, executive wear for men came down to one basic question: blue suit or black suit? Fashion has evolved on this point over the past several decades (and a suit in each color is now a basic staple of most men's wardrobes), and with it, fashion designers have evolved as well. Fashionable men can now find clothing, and men's clothing designers, as invested in garments with function, style and craftsmanship as their female counterparts.

True men's fashion is as much about telling a story as it is about dressing someone. A full men's clothing designer like Woody Wilson offers a wide range of options to his clients; and each client is aided in his selections by an experienced executive fashion designer. Executive fashion designers for men love men's clothing, and stay abreast of all evolving fashion trends for men. An executive fashion designer for men will be just as comfortable aiding clients to select the trendiest, or the most classic, custom dress shirts, casual outfits, suits and suit jackets as well as wedding wear. Your personal executive fashion designer will help you select the ideal sweaters and accessories to complete your desired look, based on each client's individual needs, wants and preferences. While some men may be comfortable wearing mass-produced off-the-rack clothing that hasn't been patterned against your body and frame, and hasn't been made with precision craftsmanship, if you are the type of man who invests in a wardrobe that reflects to the world the statement you want to make about yourself, your executive fashion designer will design an entire wardrobe based only on YOU. Your measurements will be taken, patterns will be made and stored by your bespoke tailor, Woody Wilson. These patterns will form the base of shirts, sweaters, jackets, coats, casual pants, suit pants and more. Your executive fashion designer will help you navigate the world of imported fabrics, and will help you select the perfect Italian leather shoe and briefcase to finish your look. Whether you are a trendy professional looking to stand apart in the courtroom, or a groom-to-be looking for a classic tux to wow your future wife and your friends and family, the skilled, engaged and experienced staff of Woody Wilson will help you achieve your clothing dreams. We live, and love, men's clothing, and keep up with all the latest trends.

We specialize in beautiful suits, handmade from scratch in the classic bespoke tradition of fine garment making. We carry a wide selection in-house of 100% pure cashmere sweaters which will be custom tailored to fall perfectly against your frame, imported fine Italian leather shoes, men's briefcases, travel bags, luxurious silk ties and more. Your executive fashion designer will work with you to decide between the finest worsted Wirgyz Echki wool from the Celestial Mountains or luxurious mohair from Biella. Our fabrics are all sourced from the most exclusive mills and cloth merchants in the world. Woody Wilson offers top-level fashion design and advice as well as endless garment choices, the perfect fit and the ultimate in style for all occasions. Call Today for an appointment 310-862-4770