Bespoke Sports Jackets and Custom Tailored Suits

Tips for Talking to Your Tailor

Having a custom suit hand-tailored can be the best way to look your best during the day and at night. You may know exactly what you are looking for, but it can be a language barrier between you and your tailor if you are unfamiliar with fashion terminology or haven't worked with a tailor before. The best things you can do before talking to your tailor about your custom suit is do some research!

Get to know fabrics

Fabric is a huge factor when making custom suiting. Your tailor will have an unbelievable range of materials, styles, prices and colors, so you may be overwhelmed if you walk in without having a basic understanding.

When thinking about fabrics, consider the climate in your location and how comfortable you'd like your suit to be. Certain fabrics may be more rigid, but they may create a beautiful silhouette for a modern tailored look. On the other hand, if you're looking for pants to wear to work on a regular basis, a lighter fabric may allow you more movement.

Find comps

Just as when searching for any other luxury custom good to purchase, finding comparable items will make the process of working with your tailor on a custom suit that much easier. You may be able to describe your ideal look to yourself easily, but your tailor may not be able to interpret your arm movements and terminology if they are not in the language of fashion. It's essential to find other suits that you like, which can be a basis for both you and your tailor to be successful.

First of all, looking at other suits is a great way to help you understand the basics behind most suits. You can pick and choose elements you like, and you'll have a better idea of what the final product will look like. Additionally, showing images to your tailor will help him clearly get an idea for your style and desired look.


While the style and fabric of your suit are obviously important, so is your lifestyle and the situations you will be wearing the suit in. Tell your tailor about your daily work activities if you are looking for business attire.

Similarly, think about where you'll wear your suit. Tell your tailor if you are getting a suit to wear at client meetings when you travel. They may have an ideal fabric and style that travels well, but if you plan on wearing your suit during the winter in New York, chances are you'll want a much heavier fabric and a fit that accommodates outerwear.

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