Custom Shirts refelct fine tailoring and provide an excellent fit

A bespoke tailor doesn’t just create garments; he creates a distinguished look that makes a statement when you enter a room. Your clothes should make a definitive statement to your potential clients, peers, coworkers and friends. If I were looking for the best option when it comes to your custom shirt needs, Id choose Woody Wilson every time because we guarantee satisfaction or your money will be returned no questions asked.

The word bespoke derives from the verb “to speak”, as in, to speak for something. In this context, bespoke tailoring first meant to speak for particular cuts of patterned fabric, to agree to pay for fabrics to be made into custom suits by a bespoke tailor.

In tailoring and fashion terms, bespoke means a garment crafted by hand from scratch. At the center of any bespoke suit are two parties: the client and the bespoke tailor. These two parties will determine everything about the custom garments being ordered and the tailor will create it from the ground, or raw fabric, up. A bespoke tailor will start by taking full measurements of every client, and then creating a detailed paper pattern. This pattern will become the base upon which the client’s garments are made – and the pattern will likely be kept by the bespoke tailor, so that he may create multiple pieces for the same client based on that initial, detailed paper pattern. 

From this paper pattern a basted fitting will be created. This stage is where the tailor will expertly cut a fabric version of the pattern, hand sewn loosely together with white basting thread. This fabric pattern will then be fitted to the client and adjusted as necessary, or requested by the client. It is at this stage that the client and tailor will begin to see the final product – they will test out the style, cut, and drape of the selected fabric. If portions need to be taken in, or let out, the loose basting allows for this to be done easily. Once the pattern has been fitted and corrected, the client may select the actual fabric for their garment, and the tailor will hand complete a suit or other garment that is as unique as the client themselves. Before completion of the suit or other garment, there will generally be two more fittings with your bespoke tailor, to double check the fit, style, drape and overall look of the item. During the final stage of suit-making, the bespoke tailor gets to really show his skill and creativity with the hand-sewn application of any finishing details to the outside or inside of the garment. Following that comes the final fitting, where any last minute, minor changes will be made before the suit is completed and presented to the client.

One does not become a bespoke tailor overnight. In fact, it is a prestigious and difficult profession to master. Only the most expertly skilled tailors can become bespoke tailors. Because bespoke suits are crafted and sewn by hand, not by machine, only the most steady of hands will do. While there are plenty of very good tailors who do custom work, only those who can do it by hand, with creatively and insight into the character of the client, can be called bespoke tailors.

There are few true bespoke tailors across the world, and even fewer within the United States. Bespoke tailoring sets a man apart from his peers, and hand-crafted suits, shirts and other garments are unique reflections of an individual. Woody Wilson is proud to carry on the fine tradition of bespoke tailoring, from his comfortable and private studio in Beverly Hills. Nowhere else will you be so pampered during the clothing-design process. Open by appointment only, Woody takes the time necessary to find out form each client what statement the client wants to make to the world, and then makes that statement a reality through suits custom-made from top-of-the-line imported Italian fabrics, and technical tailoring skill. Call us today to set up your private appointment in our showroom.

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