Feel Confident Purchasing Custom Suits and Custom Shirts at Woody Wilson

No suit is complete without a custom dress shirt. Sometimes overlooked in the suit buying and making process, the dress shirt completes the outfit and is an integral part of the statement you make to others via your dress. Many people are surprised to even consider a custom dress shirt; even those who appreciate custom-made fine suits, professional dress suits and other garments will finish their outfit with an off-the-rack dress shirt. Why?

Certainly one reason that people grab an off-the-rack shirts is because it’s convenient. You can find a dozen patterned dress shirts in a multitude of colors at any department store. But the convenience promised is not always that really convenient. Department store dress shirts only come in certain, basic sizes, which would be fine is everyone was built the same. We aren’t; we are all built to unique measurements and specifications. It can take hours sometimes to find a properly fitting shirt, and many people give up before they find a shirt that fits them properly, settling instead for a shirt that fits only “all right”. Why settle?

Additionally, many mass-produced dress shirts are made with cheap fabric, fabric that is easy for a manufacturer to produce, but fabric which doesn’t always drape properly or well. Thankfully, there are alternatives to grabbing dress shirts from your nearest department store – including an alternative that is truly convenient: custom made dress shits! All that’s required of you is to stand for measurements, and then come back when your shirts are ready. You may elect to be as involved as your like in picking our fabrics, cuts and patterns; or to trust the fabric and pattern decision-making of a skilled and experienced bespoke, custom tailor like Woody Wilson.

There are many advantages to buying, and wearing, custom-made dress shirts. Have you ever thought about cuff shape, pocket shape or buttons? Each of these items can be completely personalized for you when you order custom-made dress shirts. Did you know that custom tailors can make allowances in fabric for your unique body shape, such as sloping shoulders? Did you know that gussets sewn into stress points in a dress shirt, such as along the bottom or side seams can help prevent dress shirts from splitting when worn several times? When you order custom dress shirts, you will have the option to match the most ideal color and pattern to your closet of suits. Your professional attire, including your dress shirt, is one of the most obvious statements you make to your future and current clients, as well as your peers, your superiors and your friends.

And custom dress shirts are not just for the gentlemen – Woody Wilson creates custom dress shirts for women as well, cut to most compliment your figure and your individual style.

When you meet with bespoke tailor Woody Wilson to order custom dress shirts, your shirts will be made just for you, taking into account your individual sleeve, waist, chest and collar measurements. Patterns will be made and kept on hand so that in the future, you may order additional shirts with ease. Custom dress shirts give you the ability to build a unique, distinctive and stylish professional (or casual) wardrobe. Pair suits with shirts made of only the best quality cotton, and pair your weekend casual wear with custom made linen shirts cut to fit you like a glove.

If you are interested in custom made dress shirts that are both fashionable and flattering, call us today to speak with the most trusted bespoke, custom tailor in Beverly Hills! There’s a reason why Woody Wilson has the reputation that he has – stop by our sophisticated and private showroom on Wilshire Boulevard to find out why and how custom-made dress shirts will take your wardrobe to the next level!