Tips for maintaing your slim fit and custom tailored suits


When it comes to owning a bespoke suit, it is important to remember to properly care for the suit to extend its life. Brushing your suit after you have worn it is very important. It needs to be brushed with a suit brush, lengthwise from top to bottom. This removes the dirt and buildup that occurs during normal wear.


Other Important Suit Cleaning Tips


When you own a bespoke suit, dry cleaning can be necessary, but it is important to keep this process to a minimum, as it exposes your suit to chemicals and the fibers degrade which can lead to a worn out look too soon.


Instead of rushing your suit to the dry cleaners, try these tips first:


  • For stains, soak a white cloth in warm water or soda water, squeeze out most of the liquid and then gently rub the stain with a sweeping motion.
  • When storing the suit, make sure to empty the pockets and use a wooden hanger. It may also be a good idea to store the suit in a garment bag. However, make sure it is a well-ventilated garment bag, preferably canvas. A good suit needs to be aired out, and that does not happen when it is stored in a plastic cover.
  • Store away from other clothing.
  • Consider steam cleaning if the suit is not dirty but simply needs refreshed due to wrinkles or time in the closet. For wrinkles, it is worthwhile to consider having it professionally pressed.


In the event you need to have your suit dry cleaned, ask if the company does the work on location or has the garment sent elsewhere so you have an idea of where your suit will be at all times. Finally, do your research to ensure you are using one of the more reputable dry cleaners that will not cause damage to your suit due to lack of care in the cleaning process.


Keeping a bespoke suit in pristine condition is well worth the effort. Keeping you investment always looking is its best means taking the proper steps to take care of it.

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