Why Choose Bespoke Suits And Bespoke Shirts



 If you are looking for an absolutely unique suit that presents your best self to the world – to your business clients (both current and prospective), partners, family and friends – then a bespoke suit is the ultimate in luxury and craftsmanship. These are suits that will stand the test of time, suits that will represent you from the courtroom to the boardroom to the ballroom, and everywhere in between that life takes you.

Bespoke tailors don’t just craft garments; they craft YOUR vision of yourself and create a wearable piece of art that presents you in your best light. The bespoke process requires a level of customization and face-to-face interaction not required by any other clothing making process. Your bespoke tailor will be creating your suit with his own two hands; hand sewing each and every detail. This is quite simply not a process you’ll ever experience with anything less than bespoke. Even with made-to-order or suits marketed as “custom”, you may never actually meet the master tailoring who is customizing your suit. You may be measured by a staff member of the store, and measured just one time, before your suit is handed off to someone else. Not so with bespoke: from the beginning of the process to the moment you slip into your finished suit, you’ll have hands-on contact with the master tailor who will be making your suit from hand.

Another thing that sets bespoke apart from all other forms of suit making is the use of basted fittings within the bespoke process. If you are being promised a bespoke, or “fully custom” suit and it does not involve the creation of a basted fitting – be very wary. The basted fitting is an integral and necessary part of the bespoke process and cannot just be skipped.


What is a basted fitting?


A basted fitting is a necessary part of the bespoke suit-making process – in fact, many tailors consider the basted fitting to be the most crucial step in the creation of a truly custom-made from scratch suit.

Once a gentleman has been measured, a paper pattern is created. From this paper pattern, the garment is carefully hand cut, assembled and temporarily hand stitched together with white basting thread. At this point, the basted garment is ready to a second round of fittings. Since the fabric is loosely basted together, your tailor is still able at this stage to change the cut, style and fit as may be needed. For example, if you find that the shoulder of your new suit are cut wider than you envisioned them, simply mention that to your bespoke tailor, and during the basted fitting he will move the garment pieces to better suit you.

This step guarantees that you will be completely satisfied with the cut, fit and style of your custom-made bespoke suit.


If you have any questions about bespoke tailoring, the suit-making process or a basted fitting, please contact us at your convenience to discuss your questions with our skilled staff members.   

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