At what age in your life did clothes become something important?




Woody Wilson may very well be the definition of what it means to “do what you love,” leaving his corporate job to become a designer and entrepreneur. We have an exclusive interview with the man himself, sharing the highlights of his career, and how he got into fashion. Known for his perfectly tailored suits, he has dressed men around the world, including celebrities like Brad Pitt, Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Harvey, Kevin James, Shark Tank’s Damon John, and several others. Visit his website to view his gorgeous collections, and find out where to buy his clothing.


 How did your company come to fruition?

My mundane corporate job heavily weighed down my dreams of entrepreneurship. How was I going to break the chains that bind me to this 9 to 5? What do I want to accomplish with my life and how will I do it?
I drew a line down the middle of a piece of paper and began to list strengths, weaknesses, passions, and objectives. I never dreamed my desire to dress my best could be a job, but fashion seemed to jump off the page. This paper morphed into a roadmap to my future.
I shared my newfound aspiration with a friend and through networking, was offered my first opportunity at a boutique in Beverly Hills. During my two-year tenure I was able to indulge in the wonders of the fashion industry; and by 1997 I was able to combine my knowledge with my passion and launched The Woody Wilson Collection. My first job was designing a custom wardrobe for Sean P. Diddy Combs’ music video “Been Around the World”. The wardrobe was completed within five days; the rest is history.

At what age in your life did clothes become something important?
At around seven years old, I would watch my father go through his morning ritual as he prepared for work. I remember watching my father groom himself with pride; clip his nails, shave his face, comb his hair, occasionally shine his shoes, and topped it off with a classic “suit and tie”. Man! Dad would leave the house CLEAN; I couldn’t wait to imitate my dad. I started wearing suits to high school and then college. Naturally the attention garnered the introduction of “A Touch Of Class” modeling organization started with a group of friends.

Who is the best dressed man?

A best-dressed man is a man who pays attention to the details of his clothing and accessories. His cufflinks evoke conversation, his tie whispers luxury and his shirt is tailored perfectly. His attention to detail reflects taste, personality, and style and also carries over into both his business and personal life. The best-dressed man is a well-groomed professional, typically coexisting with a finer lifestyle. The car he drives, the cigar he smokes, and the company he keeps are a reflection of a man at his best, hence the “best dressed man”.

In your opinion, Why does clothing influence our world so significantly?

Our world is influenced by appearances. A rock star creates a style to influence your perception the same way any uniform does. Successful people agree that a good first impression makes a significant contribution to one’s success. That first impression is very much affected by the clothing you wear. Clothing is no longer just a functional necessity; it makes a statement about you and most importantly influences the way you feel. That psychological influence shapes your self-confidence, and confidence can redirect and shape your life.

BRAG…what is your greatest accomplishment? 

When I help a young man less fortunate by providing him a suit for an interview or just taking the time to educate him on his appearance and it’s importance. Giving back to a young man less fortunate has to be one of my greatest accomplishments second to the accomplishment of raising my children.

Who has influenced your life and career the most?

My father would have to be the greatest influence in my life. His no nonsense approach to raising my sisters and I instilled the value of hard work and above all else. “ Do your job better than the guy next to you, no one cares about excuses” he would say. My mother would tell me that quitting is never an option and that echo’s in my mind at crucial moments in my career.

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