Do you wonder if flat front pants are for you? What exactly does a good fit mean? This is what you absolutely need to know when shopping.

Pleated vs. Flat-Front: Which Is Right for You?

Trends come and go and styles change by the season, but there are certain components to luxury menswear that will always be in fashion. For men’s suit pants, the option between pleated and flat-front pants has long been a consideration of personal taste. However, there are actually quite a few differences between the two styles beyond just aesthetic design.

Consider the fit

While pleats have been a design element on both men’s and women’s pants for some time now, most people don’t realize that the pleats actually change the way the pants fit. Follow a pleat up from the cuff to the waist, and you can see how the pants grow looser towards the top. Because of this, men looking for comfort or those who may be carrying extra pounds often prefer a custom tailored pleated pant.

Flat-fronts, on the other hand, are a much slimmer cut. Since they do not have excess fabric in the waist area, they provide a sleek silhouette and are the favored style for modern menswear, particularly for those with a smaller frame.

To cuff or not to cuff

Pleated pants almost always have a cuff at the bottom of the leg. This is actually a structural component, as the weight added by a cuff allows the pleat to retain its shape. Cuffs on pleated pants also help the fabric hang nicer.

Flat-front pants, on the other hand, let cuffs be a purely aesthetic decision. Since they have less fabric, they don’t require any excess weight to help them hang straight. This allows you to decide whether a cuff complements your entire look or not.

Style matters

A big thing to keep in mind when deciding between what style of custom tailored pants you like is that they will need to work harmoniously with the other elements of your outfit. You have to consider the jackets you will be wearing them with, and the situations you will be wearing them in. You may prefer the comfort of a looser pleated pant, but if you have a formal event with a sharply tailored jacket, they may not work as well with your look as a flat-front pant would.


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