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The language of Bespoke is foreign to most people. Here are some suggestions to make you feel more comfortable when discussing your wardrobe needs.

Tips for Talking to Your Tailor Having a custom suit hand-tailored can be the best way to look your best during the day and at night. You may know exactly what you are looking for, but it can be a language barrier between you and your tailor if you are unfamiliar with fashion terminology or haven't worked with a tailor before. The best things you can do before talking to your tailor about your custom suit is do some research! Get to know fabrics Fabric is a huge factor when making custom suiting. Your tailor will have an unbelievable range of materials, styles, prices and colors, so you may be overwhelmed if you walk in without having a basic understanding....

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Do you wonder if flat front pants are for you? What exactly does a good fit mean? This is what you absolutely need to know when shopping.

Pleated vs. Flat-Front: Which Is Right for You? Trends come and go and styles change by the season, but there are certain components to luxury menswear that will always be in fashion. For men’s suit pants, the option between pleated and flat-front pants has long been a consideration of personal taste. However, there are actually quite a few differences between the two styles beyond just aesthetic design. Consider the fit While pleats have been a design element on both men’s and women’s pants for some time now, most people don’t realize that the pleats actually change the way the pants fit. Follow a pleat up from the cuff to the waist, and you can see how the pants grow looser...

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Fashion, What does it all mean? What are the rules to follow? How do I express myself and is my intent effective? What are the rules of engagement?

If you find yourself asking these questions than my video blogs might help you to determine the best course of action. http://www.woodywilson.com/pages/video might answer these gazing questions. If you are contemplating your purpose as you dress your self for the day, then you are certainly on the right track. The way you dress speaks volumes about who your are and reflects your attention to detail. WoodyWilson.com

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